Top 9 richest actors in the world

8. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves has showcased his talent in several movies and shows such as Bill and Ted franchise, Point Break, John Wick franchise, The Devil’s Advocate, The Matrix.
Debuting in the ’80s in first studio movie appearance was Youngblood, Reeves has earned millions from his roles in prominent movies.
Net worth: $350 million
Reeves, inspite of having a fortune to his name, lives a humble life and donates most of his income to charity.
An Extravagant Possession: Reeves and his passion for motorbikes have resulted in the formation of the Arch Motorcycle Company along with L.A. bike customizer Gard Hollinger. He is also rumored to own 2 Ferraris (Ferrari 488 GTB and Ferrari California T)

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